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Omega-3 Testing

The production of omega-3 products has become a specialized industry and has greatly advanced the food industry for dietary and medical food as well as drug formulations. And yet, as such a wide variety of products are developed and marketed using more advanced formulations and delivery systems, product testing and control encounters new challenges.

Diteba has extensive experience and expertise in analysis for omega-3 products and omega-3 combined products, including product development, product quality control, and release testing and stability studies. Our established capability of bioanalysis supports GLP studies of both preclinical and clinical studies.   

We have developed and validated in-house methods for specific formulation and products on behalf of our clients while also using USP monograph and method procedures. Many procedures from AOCS, GOED and AOAC are adopted for our analysis in omega-3 and related analysis.

We provide the following services for omega-3 products:

  • Omega-3 content test in omega products, such as EPA, DHA and ALA
  • Bioanalytical sample analysis of omega-3 from preclinical and clinical trial samples
  • Full profile study of fatty acids in animal and human blood samples. Matrix includes whole blood, serum and plasma plus other biological matrices
  • Profile study of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products
  • Phospholipids and profile study of fish oil, krill oil and other oil products