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Finding a competitive edge in an industry as vast as Nutraceuticals where quality standards are broadly defined, can be challenging. That’s why we focus on helping you establish quality to give you the edge you need. With our extensive experience as a regulatory licensed and registered drug CRO, we deliver the highest quality standards in method development, method validation, QC release testing and stability programs for companies who want to leverage the true quality in their brand.

Topical Solutions

As the drug industry moves towards topical creams and ointments as a preferred vehicle for API delivery, there has been an increasing interest in the Nutraceutical industry for product delivery. We are a world leader in method development and testing for permeation performance – a boon to your competitive arsenal by helping you find differentiating label claims.

Proprietary Testing Solutions

In addition to standard quality testing using our validated methods, we have developed several unique validated testing for the industry, including:

  • Detection of EU banned GMOs in finished products and ingredients as well as original source ingredients
  • Accurate detection of Omega-3 constituents in oils with flavour