COVID-19 Update: An important notice to our clients & vendor partners

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Our Lab

This is the heart and soul of Diteba. We take great pride and even greater care of the equipment that helps us support your business.

Laboratory Instrument Data

We achieve superior processing thanks to Empower® Chromatography Data Software. Empower Software addresses sponsor’s concerns via data security, compliance and validation, which maximizes the productivity of laboratory instrumentation.

Laboratory sample and standard measurement is performed in a balance room that is on a separate concrete slab to maximize accuracy and precision.

Data Capturing, Processing and Archiving

Waters NuGenesis® Scientific Data Manage­ment System (SDMS) is the building block of our data infrastructure. It preserves data and integrates the flow of information throughout our organization. NuGenesis® SDMS provides electronic audit trail capability and an enhanced data security environment.

Data Compliance

All our Laboratory software and application, including Waters Empower, Waters Masslynx, Agilent Chemstation are 21 CFR Part 11 ensuring data integrity and compliance of our system.

Data Security

Data is stored in a centralized server room. The environment where the server is located is access-controlled and temperature and humidity controlled. The server is connected to a gas-powered generator to ensure data stream continuity, and data backup is performed regularly. It is setup in a redundant manner to ensure there’s no interruption to the operation and data integrity.